You’ve Got Mail!

Our mailbox was in dire need of a makeover. In fact, any time we’d get a mail delivery, the mailbox would be twisted one way or the another, and the door would be left open half the time, since the latch system was failing.

Well, that needed to be addressed (hiiyo!), so we built a new one! We modeled it after our slatted fence design, and opted to go with a silver theme, as that will later tie in to our home’s exterior look (when we get around to that). Who knew trying to find a silver box would prove to be so difficult?


We used pressure treated deck boards and pressure treated 4×4’s for the dual posts. Our mailbox model is a Salsbury Industries #4850B, and we found our number placard on Etsy by TimberArtSigns.

Oh, and Happy 4th of July!





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