Roof Over Our Heads

Our 3-tab shingled roof was looking its age. In fact, I am guessing it was around 16 years old or so from the time they renovated our house back in 2002. Well, we had a couple of spots that were leaking over the past few months, the main area was in the kitchen, so we had to bump it up on the TO-DO-LIST a bit quicker than we thought.


In addition to going with brand spankin’ new¬†architectural shingles (we sprang for the additional two dollar a bundle upgraded HD-version, ahhh yeah! ), we also wanted to add some overhangs to our roof. When the gutters over flow, which seems like every time it decides to rain, it comes careening down our walls and all over our windows! Water damage is a serious thing folks. Our overhangs might be small, right around 12-inches, but they do the trick, keeping that water at bay. On the underside of our overhangs, we went with some v-groove since they are exposed, and will be seen.





Tearing into our siding, in preparation for our overhangs also gave us a taste of what the water has done to our walls, our “Frankenstein” walls that is! Patches upon patches of cover-up work over the years is apparent all over the place. Eeeeeeek! Can’t wait to see it all when we redo our siding in the upcoming months!





And since our roof is on the smaller side, we wanted to dress it up a bit with some silver Galvalume drip-edge and valley accents. It’s all about them little details! In the next few weeks we plan on installing gutters.


Not going to lie, it was a rough, labor intensive week and a half, coupled with some of the hottest, and most humid days Tennessee has seen this year, but we got it done! While we were at it, our garage received some new shingles too. Of course, amidst tearing off its old shingles we unveiled a ton of termite damage… it’s always something!




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