Reclaiming The Garage!

Our house came with a little 200 sqft. detached garage, and up until a couple weeks ago, it has been a major catch-all / pit of despair! Structurally speaking, its got good bones and it’s in relatively sound shape. Sure, it can use a new roof, and maybe some small fixes to the siding, but it’ll do for now. Our biggest gripe however, is its dirt floor, which quickly turns to mud for a few days after any rain we get. Well, we took care of that!

Our last time looking at the dirt!
So clean!

We had to snap a picture of this, as it will remind us of how clean and organized it will never be again! We’ve already added a ton more stuff to it, but everything is easy to get to, which was our main goal.

It’s amazing what a slab of concrete (Thanks Jarvis!), 12 sheets of OSB, and some fresh paint can do.

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