Fenced Up

What initially sold us on our house, was it’s awesomely sized backyard. Our poocher (#theGracieAllen) loves to run, play fetch, and get wild, so having a yard she could do this in, was a top priority. However, for the first few months of living here, we had to tether her up (sad face), since our fence is only about 3-feet tall in places. We’ve got quite a few neighborhood cats strolling up and down the streets like they own the place, and we definitely don’t want anything to happen to them!

Essentially, the sections that needed the most attention were in the front and the back of the yard. The sides, for the most part, are of decent height, and have Honeysuckle growing on them, which adds to their height.

In the front of the yard, we wanted to go with a bit more modern of a look, so we went with a horizontal slat design. For the slats, we used pressure treated deck boards, and pressure treated 4×4’s for the posts. In our minds, we had a budget set, but it was easily blown after building just a few of the sections! Ahhh, well.

Posts going in!
Building the gate.
We even added a shelf for libations!

We’re pretty jazzed with the way it turned out, and now all we’ve got left to do, is stain the dang thing- just waiting on that ol’ Tennessee weather to cooperate with us…

For the back of our yard, we ended up just going with a more traditional styled fence. It went up rather quick; well, except for the not having a truck part, and having to go to Lowe’s like 5 times to get all the required lumber! Anyhow, after seeing it built for a few days, we decided to paint it!

The rear fence is just too short!
So many screws!
The paint people thought we were loco!
Then a ginormous limb fell down!

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