Bath Time!

Well, it only took about… 4.5 months, but our first bathroom is finally completed! I’m sure it woulda gone a bit quicker if it was our only bathroom, but alas, we had our dag-nasty Master en Suite that we used for the last few months, until we found out the plumbing was leaking inside the wall; and then that pretty much sped the process up tenfold.

During the demo stage, we ripped it all out. The vinyl laden floor was in somewhat of shambles, but some 3/4″ board took care of all that. The hardest part of the demo was removing the fiberglass tub, it turned out to be a bear to remove (keeping the plumbing intact), but with the two of us pulling on it, out it finally came!

New tub, and tile going in!

On a whim, we decided to install some beadboard wainscoting. Oh, and we needed to find a smaller vanity, one that would not get hit when the door opened up. Well, finding a slim/shallow vanity, turned out to be quite a task. Ikea has one, but we didn’t care for the cabinet whatsoever, so instead, we picked up just their LILLÅNGEN vessel that’s only a whooping 10-5/8″ deep, and decided to build our own vanity!

The old, cheapy, ill-fitting vanity. BYE!

A few years ago, our brother in-law bought an old growth, century farm barn (~150 years old or so). Well, since he’s pretty much been stock piling / drying the wood out for all these years, I was able to get my hands on some of it, actually, just some scraps from other projects we’ve been working on.

The beginning of a scrappy vanity.
Planed, jointed, & biscuited!
Glued, assembly, and polyurethaned.

During the dry fitting process, somehow the vanity tipped over (oops!), luckily the vessel survived unscathed, but it ripped out our drain stub out off in the wall (mega oops!) However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise because we had planned on redoing the drain with chrome anyways. Whew, crisis averted!

Right after this picture was taken, it fell off the wall!

In case you’re wondering what hardware we went with on our customized Ikea LILLÅNGEN vessel sink, we opted to use a Delta Trinsic faucet paired with a 1.75″ Kraus pop-up drain with overflow.

One bathroom completed, one more to go!


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