A Door Able!

Most of the doors in our home are styled after the classic 3-panel Shaker design. During the 1940’s and 50’s, that turned out to be a rather prevalent style in our area. To our dismay, a handful of our doors were replaced with some plain ol’ cheapy hollow-cores. Why oh why would they do that?! Since hollow-core doors aren’t our thing, we wanted to get things a bit more period specific, thus launching us on the hunt for 3-paneled doors. Our initial plan was to check out a couple of architectural salvage yards. Well, a couple turned out to only be one, since one had abruptly shut its doors (no pun intended!). Luckily, Preservation Station in Nashville had a few that we were lookin’ for!

One of the main projects in our kitchen was the addition of our micro panty. The micro pantry boasts an opening of only 18-inches wide, but once inside, it gets much bigger, a whooping 36-inches bigger! Had we gone with a somewhat smaller fridge, we might have been able to squeeze in 20-inch door. Ahhh well!

Anyhow, once we picked up said doors, it was time to get down to performing some door surgery! Since the pantry door had such a small opening, we figured it would feel somewhat grander if we highlighted it with a glass insert. Chiseling, cutting, oscillating, and more cutting, it was good to go! We ordered up some 1/4-inch thick tempered glass from a place in Madison called Madison Glass Co. After about a week, it showed up and we installed it.

Track-sawing out the rabbet edge.

Aside from the pantry door, we had a second entrance door into our master suite (not so master at the moment) that needed to be swapped out as well. The frame of the door was set higher, so the new Shaker door was going to need to grow a couple of inches. A quick dabbling in the art of door extension surgery, it turned out just what we had in mind.

Adding a couple inches!
Diego Dog and the old hollow core.

We’ve still got a few more doors to go, but it was great to check these off the to-do list.

Micro Pantry Progress Part 1: Initial Transformation
Micro Pantry Progress Part 2: The End Result


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