Raise The Roof, I Mean Floor!

So our living room gained a new entrance to our second bedroom the other day. The original entrance was off the kitchen; however, we decided to close that entrance off, and frame in a pantry and recessed spot for the fridge instead. Totally crazy, I know! But our kitchen is pretty dang small (barely 8 foot 4 by 8 foot 4, on two walls!) and the fridge took up a huuuge amount of space! Plus, we needed storage for our dry goods too! Win, win all around!

Original access to bedroom via kitchen.
Oh fridge, you gotta get outta the way!

Anyhow, in 1951, our house was built with a screened in porch off the front left side. Well, in 1965 (according to a Zillow’s home remodel history), they decided to turn that porch into a bedroom. Sounds super, right? The only downside, was the fact they left the concrete pad as-is, with an awkward 3.5 inch step down from the rest of the house. Talk about a trip hazard!

3.5 inches of terror in the night… FIXED!

Not to fret, we took care of that by framing in a raised floating floor. Hopefully, the neighbors weren’t too upset with all the .22 caliber concrete-gun nail bangs we were making that morning!

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